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Hi Guys.

Ive installed the File Server appliance and Zimbra Appliance running as guests under VirtualBox.

Ive already performed TKLBAM backup for the File Server Appliance, and I want to back up the Zimbra Appliance now.

I was unsure if this would be handled through the same Amazon account with the same API key (so I tried anyway !)

TKLBAM-INIT seemed to work on the Zimbra applaince, but when I performed TKLBAM I got error messages c/o 'unable to find <turnkey-zimbra> profile.


So do I need a seperate Amazon account for each appliance that I back up or am I missing something ?


Scott H.


P.S I just noticed on my turnkey hub web page that on the example screen shots cycling in the top corner the phrase "back up a new appliance" is present at the bottom of the back up page, but ony my actual web page it says "create a new back up" , which just brings up a pop-up of the command line instructions I listed above ... something has changed ???

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Hi Scott,

Yes, the Hub API Key is global for your account, and all appliances. There is no limit to the amount of appliances you can backup.

TKLBAM was unable to find the turnkey-zimbra profile, because it doesn't exist yet. As discussed in the TKLBAM FAQ: "Unfortunately, at this time Zimbra and the PostgreSQL based appliances (PostgreSQL, LAPP, OpenBravo) are not yet supported".

Regarding your P.S, wow, you are perceptive! We changed the wording of the link after taking the screenshot. I didn't think anyone would notice...

I hope the above helps.

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Thanks Alon,

I got so absorbed in the setup process I didnt see that in the FAQ although I've probably read it many times ... so maybe not so observant after all !


Are you planning to incorprate support for this appliance anytime soon ?

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Our current priority is pushing out the Lucid release, once that's done we will come up for air, and should have enough info to comment on the timeline.

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