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Hi, I installed moodle 1.9 on a Turnkey Linux moodle appliance. (The appliance had 1.8, whereas I needed 1.9 for a plugin I need.)

I did not remove the 1.8, yet, to see its settings.

The email functions of 1.8 works fine. But for 1.9, the mail reaches to inner network addresses (xxx@mydomain.com), but does not reach to external domains like gmail and yahoo. The funny thing is, I can not see any settings for email in the 1.8.

So I tried another path: I entered an smtp server in the email settings. This time email goes fine, but the from field of the email receiver gets is empty. So in the receivers list the sender is "Unknown Sender", which is not what I want.

So I have two questions:

1- assuming I go with the smtp path how to add the "From" information to the sent email?

2- assuming I go with the phps email function how to debug/make it work?




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