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First, my question, so not to bore you all with my feedback and real-world story of how I’ve used these.

Question:  I'm using the TRAC appliance, and I want to be able to secure it.  I need to make each project secure from access from any other project and any other user.  I would like to do the following: (1) Remove the default "projects avail" link when browsing to root of machine via http. (2) Require authentication to access the customers project. i.e. when I open trac.somedomain.com/bzr-customername, I should either see NOTHING other than something telling me I have to login, or I should be prompted to login.  Can anyone offer any feedback on how I can accomplish this as I am not very strong in TRAC, Bzr, or Apache.

Just want to share with you a real-life example of how we are using your VA's to build a new business offering and say, fantastic job you guys!

Preface:  Little background on how i'm using your appliances.

I stumbled upon this project a month or two ago when I was visiting a site that was using one of the VA's (WordPress, I think.)  Always been fascinated by the concept of virtual appliances, but there is not stable and reliable VA "store" if you will out there.  (In other words, you really have to hunt down what you need, and usually it's a VA someone slapped together with little thought, planning, engineering, or hardening - and hasn't been maintained in years.)

My company is a national IT services, structured cabling, smartgrid, network engineering company and we are now entering into the managed network service space.

Portal: My requirement  is to have a customer portal for all new customers - a platform that will allow me to, within mins, turn up a new instance for a new customer.  I'm using Drupal VA for that since it supports multi-site.  I've determined a quick and easy process for turning up a new site for a new customer and it works perfect. (Would be glad to share if anyone is interested.)  I am using the RootCandy theme as the theme since it's a true dashboard/console.  

Document Management and version control: My requirement is to have a document management and version control system that I can check in technical documents, network configs, and business related documents for the customer.  It has to be able to run multiple instances, and each instance be secure and isolated from the other, as each customer gets thier own instance.  I'm using the TRAC VA with  bzr for this since it allows me history, version control, multiple instances.  The wiki and ticketing is a nice addition, beyond the requirements.

ITSM / Ticketing: My requirement for ticketing and customer response is ITIL compliant (or at least with the capacity to become ITIL compliant), ingress of trouble tickets from phone, email and web, customer portal login and reporting, escalation and alerting and SLAs'.  I've always  felt 2.0 OTRS was quite prime time from a polished end user perspective, but 3.0 is awesome.  I've used TKL CORE VA, and installed OTRS 3.0.2 on that and configured it to meet all my requirements.

NMS: We are using a third party company for network management for now, until I have time to build out and scale an OpenNMS VA.

All systems are avail to each customer by way of their own portal via links.  In short, I have used these VA's to build out complete system that allows us to enter into the network management space.  I wanted to share with you how one professional is using these, and say to the founders and maintainers of this project - you've done excellent work, thank you!

Thank you very much in advance!  I hope to become a member of this community and add value as this project is one of a few that is a successful enabler for me in my professional life.  Thank you again.


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