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Ok so when I first found out about this place and linux appliances in general I threw up VirtualBox on a Win 03 server and took off...

I have since taken old server HW and thew Ubuntu on there (latest) and VMWare Server (not sure which version).

I have no problems grabbing a new VM and adding it to the server HOWEVER I shut down my VirtualBox machine (Joomla if that matters) and copied the files over and set the permissions (file) properly.  

When I add the VM to VMWare everything looks kosher but I get a Grub Error 18.  What I noticed after that was the HD size is showing 0GB.

What I think is the problem is that the VirtualBox must have configured it as IDE and IDE is/must not be supported on VMWare Server.  I saw that the IDE controller showed an X on it as well as the NIC card.  I went and added Hardware to the server and added a NIC and SCSI card.

I started up the machine but I see a few errors and I don't know what they are.  Does anyone know what the process is for doing what I am trying to do?


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If it's not having fatal errors then perhaps you can ignore them? OTOH if it's not booting properly then you could try 'exporting' from VBox first (rather than just copying across). I'm pretty sure that VMware has an 'import' feature. You may still need to tweak it a bit.

The other option is to just use TKLBAM to migrate your data and settings to a clean install in VMware.

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