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Using the WP appliance and I have installed a PHP based app that supports sending email through an external SMTP host such as GMail.  Looks like they use a PEAR library to handle it.  

I have set all the proper settings according to the app but no mail seems to flow.


// These settings are only used with the "smtp" backend"
$smtp_settings['auth'] = TRUE;        // Whether to use SMTP authentication
$smtp_settings['host'] = 'ssl://smtp.gmail.com';  // SMTP server
$smtp_settings['port'] = 465;           // SMTP port number
$smtp_settings['username'] = 'user@google.com';       // Username (if using authentication)
$smtp_settings['password'] = 'password';       // Password (if using authentication)
Is there anything out of the box that might be preventing these emails from being sent?  SSL settings?  
Firewall ports do not appear to blocked in any way for outbound.  Any ideas where to look ?
thanks in advance,

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