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I'm hoping someone here can help me with a joomla hostname resolution dilemma I'm having with a t joomla 1.5 turnkey linux vm installation I have running in my office that I'm trying to deploy soon.  Right now I can access the joomla frontpage by the IP address but if I change the url to the hostname I'm trying to access it as http://cointranet/ I get an Unable to connect error.

I can run a ping command from my pc and can successfully ping cointranet, which in the command window the hostname is properly translated to the ip address.

I followed instructions I found on this webiste and installed the dhcp3-client and samba and rebooted the appliance (which after these two packages were installed the above ping cointranet command started working, before those installs it would not work)

I've also edited the files  \etc\hosts, \etc\hostname\, and \etc\network\interfaces

and in the webmin and shell-in-a-box it's showing the cointranet hostname.

With all of the above accomplished, what steps are left for me to do so that I can access the joomla installation via http://cointranet/ ?

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I'm not a joomla user, but I think you'll need to change some configuration files in joomla so it works under another domain name. 

I'll suggest you:

1. Set a fqdn to the appliance. Instead of cointranet use cointranet.mycompanydomain.com.

2. Check this documentation http://docs.joomla.org/How_do_you_copy_a_site_from_localhost_to_a_remote_host%3F

on how to "move" the appliance, particulary following the steps under "Configure the Site. Edit the configuration.php File" (as the previous steps doesn't make sense in your scenario).

Hope it helps

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Hello, thank you for the quick reply.

I figured out what the issue was, which was because I still in the office I had the VM windows 2003 os-hosted old joomla 1.5 installation running and even though in the Windows OS I had changed the hostname (computername), somewhere in the Joomla configuration it was using & broadcasting the same hostname as what I'm trying to now use on the new linux-os VM version, so apparently that was causing a hostname conflict.  As soon I shut down the windows-os VM, the hostname started working on the linux-os VM and my joomla frontpage from the linux-os VM loaded just like when I was typing in the IP address URL to access it.



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