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I'm not really sure if this is the right place if not please do point me in the right direction. I am sort of a newbie. I am hoping to setup the Torrent server so that I can use a torrent client like utorrent to download files. At the moment it is running as a VM and I am connecting from localhost

I have managed to get all the Torrentserver Appliance Services links working as per the documentation but I'm not sure if the Bittorrent part has been configured correctly. The part that is puzzling me is the following which I got from the MLDonkey site, with regards to seeding an original torrent.

Seed an original .torrent (from the command line longhelp/??)

* "compute_torrent <filename>" : generate the corresponding <filename>.torrent file in torrents/tracked. The file is automatically tracked, and seeded if in incoming
The 2.9.1 version generate the <filename>.torrent file in torrents/seeded. Copy or move the <filename>.torrent to torrents/tracked for tracking this file.

The problem is I cant seem to find the .torrent file that I generated using the above syntax. Any idea where it is stored? I did a search of the whole system and no such file. But when I typed torrents at Input to list the torrents running in the system I get the following, but no .torrent file.

.torrent files available: 

Any ideas,



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