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Some operations slow on LAMP appliance

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I've been running the TK Lamp appliance on VirtualBox for the past month or so and I was quite happy with it, until a few days ago when I noticed the following:

The appliance takes about 3-4 times longer to start (until the blue screen with administration details is shown).

After it has started, the first time I open the webmin console, it takes about 30-40seconds for the login page to load, but it works super fast afterwards.

If I try to log in through SSH, it takes a considerably longer time for the server to respond asking for a password than it did before.


As far as I know, I haven't done anything in the past few days that might influence this. The only thing I remember doing is cleaning out three giant log files which were 3GB each. I'm running a Windows 7 host, and the PC has 8GB of ram and a quad core Intel Sandy Bridge processor.

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When was your last snapshot ?

Your virtual machine may be accumulating diff files which will get progressively larger over time. You may want to take a fresh snapshot and see if that helps.

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Actually, after making a

Actually, after making a second snapshot, the whole virtual machine reset itself to the original (imported) state. It appears that there's a bug within virtualbox with regards to some imported appliances.


I subsequently installed a Turnkey LAMP appliance using the installation ISO and this seemed to function considerably better (in terms of snapshots) but the problem persisted. From the moment I click on 'connect' on PUTTY, and the time I am prompted for a password - it takes about 10-15 seconds.

I am guessing that it may be a network setting issue, since a fully clean reinstall did not solve it.

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v2.x & v3.x are known to work well with TKL

But I'm not sure about v4.x. I have had some issues with a couple of v4.x versions, although different to yours. I would suggest rolling back to an earlier stable version (assuming you are using v4.x?)

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