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S3 new API, how to update in turnkey hub

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I made a mistake and cancled my S3. I have  re-setup S3 but it gave me new api.  My turnkey  hub still shoes the old key and i am getting 400, hubaccount invalidapikey while running backup. how can i update API key in my turnkeyhub?


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I think you need to add the new S3 account

I think the way to go is to add a new cloud/Amazon account, but I haven't played with it enough to be sure. Try this link.

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The link shows that S3 is

The link shows that S3 is already active and old API is associated. is there a way to change associated S2 API under my account? i don't mind deleting my account and starting from fresh again but there is no option to delete hub account. please advise. Thanks

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I'm not sure.

Maybe you need to remove the account and re add it?

If you don't want to just play with it and try to work it out, I suggest you use the Hub 'feedback' feature as that will get the devs attention and hopefully they can help you out. Be great if you can post back when it's sorted to help others taht may encounter this situation.

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