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Magento Appliance start up process

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So everytime I boot it 1st goes to "30 seconds" turnkey screen which I have to hit F6 > enter to get out of. Then it goes to debian installer live which I have to cancel out of. Then it goes to a new screen where I have to hit "finialize" and then it finally reboots and starts going right to configconsole.

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Try removing the install CD/ISO

Assuming you are running on VirtualBox (IIRC that's right isn't it?) then just try removing the install ISO. It sounds like it's booting off the installation CD/ISO everytime you boot.

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perfecto! that was it (just

perfecto! that was it (just moved the ISO to a new folder)

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Obviously that works

Alternatively you could unmount the ISO from the VM (via the VBox VM config).

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