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Migrating Wordpress database from another server?

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First of all I love the Turnkey products. I am trying to use either the Wordpress Appliance or the LAMP Appliance to host my wordpress site. I have tried migrating my database manualy using instructions here and also BackupBuddy from here. I have not been able to get it to work successfully. I am actually migrating from Godaddy. Can anyone suggest the best method or better solution?



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The instructions you link to should work

Just having a quick look over the (manual) instructions you link to should work. Although some of the import steps will probably not be required.

I haven't done it so you may need to make minor modifications.

To start with if you use the TKL WordPress appliance you shouldn't need to make a new database, just overwirte the default one with your data. I think TKL WordPres has phpMyAdmin installed so you should be able to use that to import your database. I don't think you'll need to change the WordPress config if you do it that way.

Give me a few more details regarding your problems/errors and perhaps I can help.

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I finally got it to work. My

I finally got it to work. My problem was that I needed to edit the write permisions. Took me a little while to figure out how to do that. Once I made those changes, BackupBuddy did it's magic. It is working great now. Now I'm looking for an email solution. May take a look at Zimbra. Wonder if an Open-Exchange appliance is in the near future?

Kind Regards,


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Can you tell us how?

Hey Brian, I'm having the same problem, can you tell us exactly how you amended the permissions?

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phpMyAdmin is probably the easiest

Log in using your root password and IIRC you'll find it under "privileges".

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Hmm, those are user privileges...

The error I am getting is when I navigate to the page that contains my wordpress files


Error #224834. This directory is not write enabled. Please verify write permissions to continue.


I am guessing I need to use chmod to change the permissions for the directory. Please forgive my ignorance but I am still learning! 

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Or chown

In fact I'd probably do both. First chown to the webserver user (www-data) then chmod to something like 755 and see how you go. That should solve your issues.

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error 224834

OK so I am having the same issue I have opened all write privliages for the impiortbuddy file to 777 still getting same error

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Did you use -R switch?

To recursively apply permissions you need to use the -R switch.

Also FWIW IMO changing the ownership to www-data (the webserver user account) is probably better than setting 777 (read/write/execute for anyone).

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