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Hi There,

I am moving a server from a small to a micro instance by creating a new server from a TKLAM backup, but after migration none of the 4 websites hosted on the server can access their respective databases. 

In fact after the move only the primary database had been moved at all. 

I have ftp'd the other three databases but now have ownership issues as they are now root instead of being owned by mysql.

Is there a quick fix for this perchance,



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I would think that TKLBAM should've done the job. But having said that it sounds like you've done some customisation and as such probably need to tweak the TKLBAM config to pick up your custom databases. I'm not sure how you do that but I would imagine that it would be in the TKLBAM docs. You could even just make it do a full MySQL dump and restore.

In the meantime if you want to do a quick and dirty dump and restore of your complete databases then phpMyAdmin is probably the easiest way to go IMO. If you do it for the whole db then all premissions should remain intact (they have in my experience).

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