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(Potential) new user to Turnkey, but been using Ubuntu for a while, and couldn't find the answer to this in the FAQ or Doc's.

Is it possible/easy to combine Turnkey apps into a single app/server? I am using VMWare ESXi, and instead of having seperate servers/apps for LAMP, Wordpress, Gallery, etc. is it possible to start with LAMP (or core) and then add Wordpress and gallery etc. to that? I'm sure I can do it via apt, but does that pull in Turnkey packages or standard Ubuntu packages?

Also, scenario of a Turnkey MySQL app/server installed. If I then add other Turnkey apps/servers, is it easy (scripted/gui, or edit conf files?) to change the database location of those from the local server that came with that app/server, to instead use the previously installed MySQL app/server instead and thus have a single database?


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I was away for a few weeks last month and have only just realised that there were still a few posts I hadn't got to...

Anyway, yes it is possible although as is often the case, the devil is in the detail! I know it adds redundancy running multiple VMs, but IMO that is generally not a bad thing, especially if you have a virtual environment already running. Personally I like having them isolated from one another, but if you want them all combined then it can be done (but there isn't an easy way to do it).

As for installing via apt - it will pull in the standard Ubuntu packages - but they are often what the TKL images include anyway. AFAIK there aren't any TKL packages that superceed Ubuntu ones - ie all the TKL packages add additional TKL specific functionality, other components come from Ubuntu repos, or upstream tarballs (eg IIRC WordPress is from upstream tarball - built on TKL LAMP which is constructed from Ubuntu repos with some tweaking).

As to your final question, I would generally yes, it is possible to use remote MySQL server, although it ultimately depends on the app itself - some will do it easy, some others may take a bit more wrangling.

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