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Hi Guys
Fantastic work on TurnKey Linux. Sadly couple of COMPLETE newbie questions....

1. Moodle 2.0.2 /urls (404)
- I can access default moodle install
- When I try to access or (by example) it returns a 404 error, for pages which exist
(I have tried to google around/search forums - Could this be a Apache 'httpd.conf'  if so what settings/ how would I apply to enable viewing of any webpages/paths

In our other server (running live moodle), we have a /html set up like follows;
(Public URLs) /var/www/html/Moodle2.1/
(Data) /var/www/Moodle2.1Data

Currently the set up is as follows from install (which is obviously fine) prosuming I can access

2. Accessing admin (Error reading database)

- On access it returns a error reading database on default install- Unsure of issue (possible point 3?)

3. http's'
When I login on item 2 (I notice the url changes to
Should I be turning off HTTPS setting somewhere? is this causing conflicts

4. Moodle Update approach
Our existing system is using a newer moodle, Hence my ultimate goal (after above) is to update to Moodle 2.1.1 - which approach would anyone recommend?
A) I install a LAMP turnkey stack (and add Moodle 2.1.1 in conventional way)
B) I keep Turnkey 2.0.2 and then add
C) Other?

Not sure if it helps to point out the following IP for Vmware

Sorry for the low level of questions, all this is completely new to me area for me, just trying my best to adopt a VM turnkey solution, which is very appealing in its approach.

Thanks for reading this far. Any help appreicated


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