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Hi All,

I'm trying to get OpenGTS running on the Tomcat on Apache appliance.  I have got Openg GTS 2.3.7 compiled to produce the required .war files, but can't seem to get track.war working in tomcat.

I have loaded track.war by trying ant track.deploy and it shows up in the Tomcat Web Application Manager.  Which had copied it to /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps directory and unwar'ed it.  I thought it would then work for http://IP/track/Track like the install guide says but it shows an Apache 404 not found, so that's the apache server not Tomcat?.  So I assume that's something to do with the virtual host setup? 

So I tried using the Tomcat Virutal Host Manager to create a new virtual host (eg openGTS) ,setup a dns name so http://openGTS/track/Track should work?  This time I copied it into /var/lib/tomcat6/openGTS and it unwar'ed on restart of the tomcat server.  But still "404 not found".  It's still hitting the apache server.  When I browse to http://opengts/ it redirects to a blank page at http://opengts/cp

I must be missing something with the virtual host setup, and it's not as simple as I thought.  Do I have to setup a virtual host in apache still?  If so where what document root would I need /var/lib/tomcat6/openGTS? And do I need to add a JKdirective into the apache config?  I must be missing something with the app & host manager?


Cheers, Jake


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