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this is Emilio. First of all, thanks for the efforts on such a wonderful project!

 I realized too late that Postgresql based appliances are not supported by TKLBAM and then no profile is downloaded from the hub for the first backup.

My question is: is there any way to download a profile which DOES NOT include Postgresql databases? This way it would be possible to backup the appliance and using pre and post commands I would backup Postgres.  Or even freeze Postgres and do a LVM snapshot.

 But if I am correct, the backup profile is needed. Any way to get some one usable?



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But obviously the appliance identifies itself to the Hub so the Hub knows which profile to apply. I'm sure there would be a way to work around it but you'll probably need the info from the core devs.

In the meantime there are a couple of other options I can think of:

The best one I think is to have a play around and try to trick the Hub and make it think that the appliance is something else. Try comparing the Core appliance with the LAPP appliance.

Or you could create your own PostgreSQL appliance based on ano ther appliance (which does have a profile - Core or perhaps LAMP) and add PostgreSQL.

Obviously, either way you will still need to manually dump your PostgreSQL database so it will back up. I haven't played with it but TKLBAM has facility to run scripts before a backup runs (and after a restore completes).

Probably a good starting point would be reading the TKLBAM docs.

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