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Hello everybody,

I have a little situation right here, so I decided to ask for some help. I'm running VMWare ESXi on machine with Windows Server 2003. I downloaded the vmdk for Turnkey Lamp stack. Everything worked as a charm. Just one problem. After couple of days work some strange thing happened. THe Turnkey won't boot again. I was wtf?!#??


The console shows me that it has


Kernel panic - not syncing : Attepnted to kill Pid:1, comm: init not tainted 2.6.32-25-gener

other strange error that I saw is:


/init : Line 55 can't open /scripts/functions

this was below the line of loading "Write protecting the kernel - read only data - 18...Loading please wait..."

Any suggestions. I disabled acceleration in General settings of the VM-machine.

I hope someone could help me

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That's the log that comes up as it's booting - the one you're quoting from in your post (you may have to copy-paste it if your machine isn't completeing boot). I can't guarantee that I will be able to help you fix it, but lets have a look.

Also have you done any of the workarounds for getting it to run with accelleration under VMware ESX/ESXi v4.x?

In the meantime, if you have data there that you need to access you can load the vmdk to another (Linux - TKL or otherwise) VM. If you want to do this, let me know and I'll post how-to.

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The line that talks about mounting filesystem mounted read only, usually means that there is file system corruption. There is a thread or 2 here at TKL that talks about how to do that. There's also lots of info via google. Basically you'll want to use a Linux LiveCD (or ISO); the TKL one in live mode would probably do fine, and error check/repair the file system. Hopefully that'll fix it. If not we can continue from there. The command you'll need is 'fsck'. Just keep in mind that TKL is based on Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid and uses ext4 FS with LVM... That should get you going...

Sorry I don't have a clear answer for you, just that I don't recall OTTOMH either, so I'd have to google it too. Let us know how you go.

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So generally the best way to go is to use a live CD. Having said that, considering your server boots with an earlier kernel, then perhaps disk corruption isn't your problem (although it doesn't hurt to do a fsck anyway). If you can boot ok from an earlier kernel (and assuming that the filesystem isn't being mounted read only) there is a way you can force a fsck on next reboot (I don't recall what it is OTTOMH but it involves creating a file somewhere with the touch command).

Seeing as you can boot with an earlier kernel, then I'd suspect some incompatibility between the newer kernels and your environment. Are you running on bare metal or VM? If VM then I bet you're using VMware?! If so probably best to try out some other kernels (the Ubuntu repo has a number of different ones - and I vaguely recall writting a post about that a while ago...)

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