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I have tried the various methods of upgrading phpbb3 from 3.0.8 -> 3.0.9 unsuccessfully. The typical package upgrade results in an error message when trying to access the /install/ page


PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted phpbb3

I then tried TKLBAM, backed up my 3.0.8 system and installed a full 3.0.9 VM. I restored the backup successfully but get an error 500 every time I try to access the login page.

What is the recommended method of upgrading phpbb3?

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In fact as phpBB in the TKL phpBB appliance comes from Ubuntu package management, I would personally be inclined to stick with the default v3.0.4. Although there may be security implications for that as it looks like it's in the 'universe' repo and has not received any backported security updates from what I can see.

So if you need/want a newer version then IMO probably the best way to go would be to build your own phpBB server on top of TKL LAMP (ie install phpBB from upstream onto a clean LAMP appliance). That way if you want to back it up and/or restore it that should all work smoothly (because the backup will include the updated phpBB packages). I suspect the reason why you are having problems with your restore is that the internal updated phpBB is probably conflicting with the package management version (although that's only a guess). There also may be some issues with compatibility with TKLBAM. All this would be avoided if you build your own version on top of LAMP. You will probably need to either manually migrate your current forums though or tweak your TKLBAM backup to get it to work. There is a phpBB KB article that looks very relevant to that process here.

If you want to persevere with your current setup and aren't worried about backup functionality then I would suggest you try adjusting the php memory limit. Hopefully that will allow the update to install. OTTOMH it should be found somewhere like /etc/apache2/php.ini IIRC.

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