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Password for EC2 instances

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Sorry, but this is sending me crazy.....

I've tried both the RedMine and ProjectPier instances on Amazon S3, but can't for the life of me work out what the default passwords are for Webmin or PHPmyadmin, can someone help me???
(I can log into the app, but not Webmin or PHPmyadmin, accessed through port 12322 or 12321).

When I've installed both locally via VM I'm asked for the passwords at first log in, but not when installed on Amazon.

Thanks in advance
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Found it....

Eventually found it hidden in the System Log..

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Passwords are set randomly if not specified at launch

When launching via the Hub, you can specify the root password (which is used for ssh, webmin, shellinabox and mysql/postgres). If you don't specify a password, it will be set randomly for security reasons, and displayed (just in case) in the console output like you found.

Maybe we need to do more to explain this on the Hub? Is the help popup not enough?

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