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Hi, I have a Gallery2 installation that works fine, except I need to convert it into a mail server. Postfix is already installed and mostly configured, but I really don't know how to actually make it work. Help would be really appreciated. Thanks!
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I guess no one had anything constructive to add. I can't really help you either as I've never set up an email server, other than using Postfix to send emails out.

If you are still looking for a solution then I'd suggest that you consult the Ub untu Server Guide and/or Wiki and/or forums (TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04/Lucid).

If you worked it out and can still remember how you did it, be great if posted back.

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TBH, I've had very limited experience with both LDAP and getmail/fetchmail. So I can't really provide any guidance at all.

TurnKey is Debian under the hood though (v14.x = Debian Jessie) so hopefully you can get some info via google?

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