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mod_jk.conf issue - What's the Role of /var/backups/tklbam-rollback/originals/

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I've change /var/lib/tomcat/conf/mod_jk.conf per my needs. But after a restore to a new server, those changes are not being picked up, even though the file is there with my changes.

Doing find / -name mod_jk.conf revieled that there isa mod_jk.conf in /var/backups/tklbam-rollback/originals/etc/tomcat6/ and clearly that's the one that's being used.

So what am I doing wrong? Could this somehow be related to the sym link issue?

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It's an internal tklbam restore detail

There's a known bug with symlink restoration which I'm going to hunt down soon. The directory your found has nothing to do with it though. It's just how tklbam saves pre-restore copies of various important files in case you want to rollback the latest restore.

Happy new year!

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