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Hi there,

I have fully installed Fedena but everytime I want to access it, I have to run command and type "ruby script/server" so that I can log in to http://localhost:3000/

is there a way I can by pass this?

am new in this, I was just trying it out so a step by step procedure would be highly appreciated.

Mr Basil has given a link to solve this problem, but unfortunately this link is not opening. I hope some body will help me.

Thanks in advance

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You are probably best contacting the Fedena community directly. As was also stated on the TKLPatch thread TKL does not currently have an official Fendena appliance and AFAIK no one here knows anything about Fedena (other than Basil who hasn't been active here for a while).

Another option is consulting the conf script in the TKLPatch (as Basil suggests).

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Failing that, try this.

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