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Upgraded my vmWare player to version 8. Turnkey Tomcat is not able to pull an ip address via dhcp on my local network. I had this appliance working before under the previous player.

I have reset the vmWare network settings to default, which removed/re-installed all the vmware net adapters on my host machine. But still will not work.

If I setup the network adapter of the vm to "host only: a private network shared with the host" it will pull an ip address in another subnet and I can access it through the host machine os, but not the local network.

I want this machine to be on my local network so other machines can access it. I have attached a screenshot as well.

Can anyone give me some pointers to try and solve this problem? Much thanks given in advance for your help!!!

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Also, just fyi... I can set a static ip address on the local network and it will work. That makes it usable but I really want to figure out how to make it work using dhcp. Is that a possibility?

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