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Okay once again, I have an instance of this running on AWS and can SSH In just fine etc. but cannot access mysql or prestashop administraton because I dont know the passwords... anyone ??? Tutorial on how to retreive them ?  Anyone ?

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From within your SSH session to reset the admin/root password(s).

So IIRC, for MySQL (and by extension phpMyAdmin) its:


And for Prestashop it'd be something like:


But I'm only guessing on what the Prestashop script is called. To be sure you may wish to check:

ls /usr/lib/inithooks/bin

Just be aware though, I don't know what implications resetting the Prestashop password will have (restting MySQL should be fine). I'd imagine that it'll be ok, but I can't be sure...

[update] I just read your other post and realise that you haven't got any data in there. You can ignore my warning above as there should be no issue setting the password when you have no data in there.

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That works!  Awesome! Thanks!... dunno why the documentation didn't make that as clear...

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If you install the appliance to a VM or bare metal then those scripts automatically run on firstboot.

If you launch to AWS via the Hub then you preseed your appliance passwords within the web interface.

OVZ templates are an exeption, but there is a init script "turnkey-init' which will manually run all the first boot scripts (which is documented on the OVZ announcement). Actually it may be worth running that (or just manually selecting the ones you want from /usr/lib/inithooks/firstboot.d) so that your appliance has freshly created (and unique) keys etc.

So generally no need to manually run these scripts individually.

If you are planning to launch a few instances in AWS then I suggest that you at least have a look at the Hub, it makes it all really easy! It includes lots of useful features.

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