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I installed TKL Ruby on Rails (11.3) from Live CD image and tested
http://<ip> and the links to shell-in-a-box and webmin.
So far so good, the appliance is working.
Being a newbie I decided the desktop would be helpful in addition to the above tools so I installed the desktop:
  apt-get update
  apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

The desktop seems to work fine. But accessing the appliance from a browser on another host I discovered
shell-in-a-box and webmin are no longer running. This is a LAN, there is no firewall between the two computers.
I can't see shell-in-a-box or webmin processes running.

After more investigating, I got shell-in-a-box running with this simple command:
invoke-rc.d shellinabox start
then while writing this report I decided to try this experiment:
invoke-rc.d webmin start
Voila, now webmin is also running. Yay !

It seems installing the desktop broke some startup scripts ? Any ideas why or how ?
Maybe someone can quickly point me to where those startup scripts should be so I can get create them or get them back in shape so the shellinabox and webmin start automatically on boot.

One more thing, not sure if its related or not, but when I login here:
I get this error, which I can probably hunt down eventually but maybe someone can get me there quicker:
Last login: Wed Apr 25 23:29:13 CDT 2012 from on pts/1
stat: cannot stat `/etc/apt//sources.list': No such file or directory
[: 45: -gt: unexpected operator

thanks for the help !



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