I'm still trying to figure out AWS and came across the Turnkey Appliance for Prestashop here. From what I understand, it's an easy way to install prestashop however I already have an existing Prestashop installation running with Hostgator which I now wish to migrate on to AWS.

Can anyone here guide me how best this can be done with the Turnkey Applicance for Prestashop?

And any other relevant information will also help.



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But I'm sure that their website (or some other blog somewhere) would detail how you can manually migrate your Prestashop data to a TKL appliance. I'm only guessing but usually there are 2 parts to it, one is the database and the other is the files. I'd also check the versions, there may be some issues going between different versions (if the version you have is different  to TKL).

Probably what I'd do is install the TKL appliance to a local VM and extract your data from your current server and play around with it on your local VM. Document everything you do as you go and once you have it working as you like, then follow your documentation to your AWS host (either that or test out migration using TKLBAM0. Bottom line though is to not destroy your old site until you are completely sure that all your info is out and it is transferred across ok.

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