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I am having trouble with the "Limit to possible list" feature and I was wondering if I could get some guidance, I am fairly new to Samba configurations and I feel as though I've done everything logically, but still no joy.

My requirements are as follows for three different types of shares:

  1. Shares with R/W access for everyone
  2. Shares with R/W access for specified groups, but R access for everyone
  3. Shares with R/W access for specified groups, no access for anyone else

1 and 2 seem to be working like a charm, it is point 3 that I'm battling with.   I have users belonging to various groups (such as finance, admin, technical etc, users is the default group for new accounts), I have setup shares with the following settings on create:

  • Share name: Example
  • Directory: /srv/example
  • Available: Yes
  • Browseable: Yes
  • Owner: root
  • Group: users
  • Permissions: 1775
  • Writeable: No
  • Guest user: nobody
  • Guest access: None
  • Hosts to allow: All
  • Hosts to deny: None
  • Limit to possible list: Yes
  • Possible groups: accounts, admin
  • Read/write groups: accounts, admin

The user in question has the following group memberships:

  • users (default)
  • admin
  • accounts

When accessing the server, say \\\, all the shares are listed.   Any shares that do not have the "Limit to possible list" work perfectly, however any of the shares (such as the example above) using the limit request a username and password, and nothing I enter works.

Any ideas?   Have I configured the share incorrectly?


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