Recently I reconfigured my network and needed to change my TKL FS's IP Address. I wasn't thinking and went into the Webmin and changed it in the Networking section. It saved but after a reboot the server was no longer accessable on the old or new IP address.

So I accessed the confconsole and attempted it there. When I enter the new address and save it I get error "eth0". Same if I attempt DHCP.

The strange thing is when I open the IP screen the IP settings are correct. If I cancel the gateway and DNS are now blank.

I know there is an update for the confconsole but I can't get it because my IP isn't working.

BTW, still now ping response on either IP.

I tried nano editing the /etc/network/interfaces file and this info is what shows up in the confconsole at first.

Fairly new to Linux so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys for any help you can offer.



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