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I used webmin on my hub appliance to enable daily backups, however the backup rarely succeeds. (Rarely shows a backup session on the hub.) Yet if I run tklbam-backup at a command prompt it always works.

I have checked that the backup script in /etc/cron.daily is getting called. /var/log/tklbam-backup shows the date/time for each day, but many days it's only the date/time (and a bunch of hashes,) that gets logged.

After removing the --quiet flag and scheduling cron to run more frequently it looks like duplicity seems to stop after listing existing backupsets but before it would usually output:

Last full backup date: Sun Aug 12 06:25:23 2012

Can anyone suggest how/why duplicity would exit without logging anything? Is there any other logging I can turn on?

Just to check, this is not what happens if there are no changes to backup is it? (Every time I run manually it seems to have at least something to do.)




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