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Trying to Run CRON in www/magento  (upgraded to 1.6.2 in TKL 11.2)


When I am in WEBMIN scheduling a CRON Job (cron.php or cron.sh) I am getting


Output from command /var/www/magento/cron.php ..

Output from command /var/www/magento/cron.sh..

/bin/sh: /var/www/magento/cron.php: Permission denied

I have tried to run as both Root and as www-data with no change.


How can I get these to run either manually from within WEBMIN and ideally regularly from the Magento Cronjobs schedule?  The following is within Magento, but I am getting feedback that CRON is not running.

For correct URLs generated during cron runs please make sure that Web > Secure and Unsecure Base URLs are explicitly set.
Generate Schedules Every [STORE VIEW]  
Schedule Ahead for [STORE VIEW]  
Missed if Not Run Within [STORE VIEW]  
History Cleanup Every [STORE VIEW]  
Success History Lifetime [STORE VIEW]  
Failure History Lifetime [STORE VIEW]

Any thought on this?

thank you,


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