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I'm trying to use EC2 to develop Joomla website. I want to use one server under a tkl subdomain so that others can play with a copy of the site for training while I mess with another copy for testing components, modules & plugins.

After I make a copy of an instance, and, change it's configuration.php. When I go to the new ip address for the development site any changes I make are reflected on the tkl subdomain site? I even have seperate EBS disks with each instance.

What am I doing wrong?

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Ok rather than me ask what I'm doing wrong, like you a have a crystal ball or something, how about "How do I use Turnkey and EC2 to have a development instance that is a clone of my tkl sub-domain instance that will not affect my sub-domain instance when I make changes to the development instance?"

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I tried cloning a server in TKL and had these problems so I created an AMI with an attached EBS volume that is not destroyed each time it is stopped or terminated. Then I created a clone of that. Turns out that the new instance picked up the TKL subdomain even though hub is not aware of the new instance.

I'd still like to have this working through TKL rather than cloning through EC2 directly so if anyone can give me any tips on doing so I'd much appreciate the information.

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Anytime I create a clone of a server the sub-domain for moves over to the new server? Damn, this stuff can be frustrating.

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When I create a clone of an instance the sub-domain becomes associated with the new instance IP. When I re-associate the name with the original instance it reverts itself back after a period.

2 Questions about sub domains

  1. How do I make the subdomain sticky to one instance?
  2. Can I create another sub domain to point at my development server?
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I suspect the HubDNS config is also being copied across. Have a look at the HubDNS docs (namely usage and 'hubdns-release').

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For now I just moved on and used a couple of "A" records with my dyndns account. Thank you though, that is something I will need to deactivate or better yet remove as it will not be needed.

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