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using turnkey for projectpier in cloud

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I am new to your site and thought I could launch projectpier via your site and amazon cloud once I set up accounts, but  interface is asking for 

MySQL root password under application settings, am I missing something or is their other information I can follow to get it working in cloud or am i delusional





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Did you launch via the Hub?

If you use the Hub to launch your appliance then you should be able to preset the MySQL root, Linux root and ProjectPier admin account passwords from the webUI prior to launch. Other than that it should just all work...

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Hi Jeremy

If I use your hub link it takes me back to my original screen, once I select project pier I have same application request

as shown on screenshot below


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projectpier installation

Apologies screen shot not allowed.

So i follow your link from hub and it takes me to https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/start/

In this section I am 55% complete  and then I  press on Launch any turnkey application, once I do this I am taken to  https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/amazon/launch/  , there I select project pier and unfortunately also get lost as to how to complete the steps

Sorry I dont know what you mean by web ui




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Ok let's start from the start...

The TKL ProjectPier appliance is not simply a hosted ProjectPier system. It is a full Linux (Debian based) server which is preconfigured with ProjectPier installed.

It is relatively easy to get going once you understand that it is a full operating system, not just a hosted application. It is designed to be easy to run and use but 'easy' is a relevant term. If you do not know anything about Linux and operating systems that is ok. But please understand that if something goes wrong and you don't have (or don't know anybody with) any patience and interest in learning Linux basics then you will have trouble (if something goes wrong). Regardless of your long term plans, for testing sake TKL ProjectPier is probably a great option for you.

WebUI stands for Web User Interface - in short it is the web form you are referring to where you have selected 'ProjectPier'.

This is where you setup the basics for the Linux server that will run your instance of ProjectPier. I suggest that you set relatively complex passwords (for security) and store them somewhere safe because you may need them in the future.

In the context of Linux the 'root' account is the master admninistrator user account.

The fields you will want to complete/set are:

Root password - Although it says it is optional, unless you know about SSH keys then you will want to set your server's root password (if you need to change some settings within the Linux OS at later date). I would suggest a minimum of 8-10 characters (including at least uppercase, lowercase and  numbers). Use general password rules (such as not using your name, date of birth or any words that someone could guess - also avoid words that you could find in a dictionary).

Root password confirmation - type the same password that you chose above.

MySQL root password - This is the master password for the database backend that ProjectPier uses. You may never need to use this, but it needs to be set. For convienience you could use the same password as you set above (for the root user). Although if you choose to do that, make sure you use a good password (as discussed above).

This should get you going. Any other issues, please post back.

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