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I installed Turnkey File Server and I need to parameter file length to download. (Error "file too big")

I discovered I don't have admin rights with root user : I can't modify rights on users.

Documentation said to use login admin and password admin to connect first time but it don't work neither samba or local.

Is someone can help me ?



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Open a console for your container and enter "turnkey-init" and go through the paces. Good thing to update and upgrade when the opportunity presents itsel during the processf. Once done, exit the terminal. On your browser front end tool, stop and restart your container. Login again after the dust settles, so give it several minutes to shake out. Log back in as admin using your admin password and you should have control of everything.


I figured some response from what little I know, might help. :) Ric

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Thanks a lot for your answer.

I tried but I can't administrate AjaXplorer. I can connect only with root user but I don't have administration access...



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The max filesize you can upload is limited by php, not AjaxExplorer (see 8.2 here). As noted in that FAQ, to increase the max size of upload you need to adjust the upload_max_filesize in php.ini (see here). OOTOMH you should find the php.ini file in /etc/php5/apache/php.ini. Personally I think the easiest way to do it is access the filesystem of your appliance via SFTP (using a client such as Filezilla - username:root password:<whatever you set>) then edit the file from there. Probably the best one to use if you are on Windows is Notepad++ (don't use normal Windows notepad for editing Linux files - it will break them).

IIRC AjaxExplorer runs under LigHTTPd so you'll proibably need to restart that:

service lighttpd restart

To clarify: To log in to Webmin, SSH, SFTP or the local console use the username 'root' and whatever password you set. To log into AjaxExplorer use the username 'admin' and whatever password you set. To access your Samba share (ie Windows shares) I would recommend that you create new Linux users and make sure that you remember to sync them with Samba users.

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I vaguely recall reading somwhere (perhaps on the Ajaxplorer website?) how you could ulk add users but not sure whether it's possble to actually sync Samba/Linux users with Ajaxplorer...

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AjaXplorer canauthenticate against Samba users. Ni tsue on the details, but look here.

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A few generations back I had FileServer connect to Domain Server (both TKL) and then they both floated on the domain for Windows Users.

I expect something of the same needs to happen here so that the Samba Logins can authenticate but there might be a way to set up those Users through Webmin directly.

I had to shut down v TKL 12 AjaXplorer last week as I couldn't get uploads to work...  fired up up V11 eXtplorer and it worked anyway (sorry for  a different subject).

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A quick google suggests that you have done all the right things, so not sure why you are having this experience. Assuming that Ajaxplorer is running under Lighttpd (which I'm pretty sure it does).

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During install of fileserver I answered the root and ajax pw questions ...so do I still need to run turnkey-init to get things squared up?

Also I can't find what dir needs to be changed and the command to make it writable in order to update AJexplorer?  I checked their site and the faq link above doesn't mention it. I'd imagine I'd have to set it back after upgrading it...correct?

Also to give users access from the web do I just port forward 12??? to the fileserver IP?

Currently reading the AJ site.  I need to move the data folder to /home/username/ajdata or /home/ajdata/user  It shouldn't be left under the web app dir structure for security.

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You only need to run turnkey-init on systems that don't allow the auto run of firstboot scripts (eg Proxmox/OVZ).

My assumption is that Ajaxplorer is installed to the default webroot (/var/www) but I'm not 100% sure about that.

I would expect that Ajaxplorer runs from default http/https ports (ie 80/443 respectively) so forwarding them should work. Unless you are trying to forward ports so users can access Samba/SMB (ie Windows) shares. You'll need to check google if that's what you are trying to do...

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