I have a MediaWiki appliance running in virtual box on a Vista pc. It's MW on Ubuntu 8.04. I know this is an old version, but I can't get it to update to a newer version. So, I have the same version of the wiki installed as a Hyper-V guest. But my problem is migrating the data from the virtual box VM to the Hyper-V vm. Any advice?


This is what I've figured that I need to do.

1. Backup MYSQL db's from source, restore to the Hyper-V MW

2. Backup the images directory and restore it to the Hyper-V MW images directory


Anything else?

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If your two appliances are TurnKey appliances, you could use TKLBAM to migrate the data from one instance to the other, selectively restoring the data to the new appliance to avoid overwriting non-mediawiki files.


I think, though, that at elast one of your applainces is not a TurnKey appliance? If that's the case, I'd suggest you consult the mediawiki pages (www.mediawiki.org) for any help as they will be much more knowledgable about any do's and don'ts. That said, I think you're correct in that copying/restoring the database contents as well as the files in the filesystem should handle it.


I just did a quick search on the mediawiki site and may have found the answer, please read through this thoroughly and make sure it fits your need: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Moving_a_wiki

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