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Hi guys,

I'm really new to linux... I've been using the Magento stack for over a year now... making tweaks here and there in the magneto system. I've added more space to the machine by doing the LVM that was described on this website. 

Everything ran fine for a year.... but now I notice that the HDD size is so huge (70GB) when I really don't have that much data.

Upon investigation, the /proc fonder is 60GB... the funny thing is... the /proc folder structure keeps repeating itself... /proc/1/cwd/proc/1/cwd/proc/1/cwd..... 

I've researched and people say the /proc doesn't take any "disk space" but apparently it's registering on Webmin Sidebar... and it's also showing up on my VMDK.... So it is taking space....

The problem is this thing keeps growing... how can I clean this up? 

This is extremely urgent because we are running a live site.


Thanks all!




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