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I'll start off by saying I'm a total novice to Linux and Zen Cart.  I have re-installed numerous times to be absolutely sure I'm typing my passwords correctly...and done Google searches on how to re-set a lost Admin password in an attempt to fix the problem after it becomes obvious.

I loaded the VMDK image of Zen Cart using VMware Fusion on my Mac (WMware prompted me to convert the VMDK from an older version of VMware during installation).  After installation (including setting root, MySQL and Zen Cart passwords, as well as setting up Static IP information) Linux boots up, I can login as root, I can view the Zen Cart web site using my Safari browser from my Mac; however, when I attempt to 'manage' Zen Cart the admin login will not work.  

Since this is a 'test/development' setup of Zen Cart under VMware on my local machine, I am using an IP address, rather than a domain name, when configuring Zen Cart.  I changed the VM from using NAT to using a Bridge configuration and assigning a static IP outside the range of my DHCP server.  The home page displays correctly, including all graphics, by using the IP address.  When I entered my registered domain name the page looked horrible and all the graphic links were broken.  So I think I'm correct in using my configured static IP for the virtual when configuring Zen Cart during first boot of Linux.  Or should I be using LOCALHOST?

I've even tried resetting the admin login via SQL...still can't get logged in.

Is there something broken in this appliance?  Or am I doing something wrong?  Or possibly it's an issue using Safari as my browser?

I hope I've provided enough information...if not, feel free to ask questions and I'll do the best I can to provide useful answers.

Thanks in advance! :)

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Even though I'm not familiar with Linux, Zen Cart or Tomato Cart...I think I've figured out what the problem is, now the question is "How do I fix it?"

Since I don't have a DNS controller at home, during first boot configuration I'm using the Static IP of the Virtual computer as the domain name for my shopping cart.  Since Zen Cart didn't allow me into the administration area, I decide to try Tomato Cart today and I'm having the exact same problem.  So, I'm convinced it's because I'm using the IP address for the domain name, rather than an actual domain name which would be handled through DNS, that's why I can't login to the administration area.

Anyone agree with my analysis?  Anyone have a suggestion how to resolve this?

I'm running the appliance (Zen Cart or Tomato Cart) as a virtual under VMware Fusion on my Mac running OS X 10.6.8.  The vm network settings are Bridged, using Airport...I figured that would be required over using NAT so that the virtual would have its own IP, which I set as a static IP outside the range of my DHCP server.  Browsing the shopping cart works fine using the IP; however, when I attempt to login to the management/administration area of the shopping cart it doesn't accept my login/password.

Thanks again!

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In case it helps anyone else, I edited my host OS "/private/etc/hosts" file to create a domain name ( pointing to the IP of the guest OS (

Here's the line I added to "/private/etc/hosts"

This allows me to get into the manage/admin area of the shopping cart...however, it messed up the display of the shopping website.  At least now I can learn how to manage my shopping cart.

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Thanks for this, I was having the same problem.

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