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Hi All,

I'm planning to use turnkey fileservers in our MS Domain.  Can I easily customize each server to accomplish the following:

  • use one namespace
  • to be a distributed file system and replication

If so, can you provide any documentation or helpful links?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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But I would say that yes it is possible, but no it would not be easy... Although I'm sure for a Samba expert it would be easy... :)

The TKL appliance will require significant work IMO to be able to acheive your ends. I'm sure it is possible, but you will need to get your hands dirty and do a fair bit of research and tweaking. The TKL Fileserver appliance as it stands is more setup to be a simple Fileserver (not in a domain, and definately not as a DFS server).

If you do choose to take on this challenge it would be fantastic if you could at least document your research and process. This would then make the possibility of the sort of Fileserver you are hoping for being available to download.

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