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Hi all,

I had to recently restore my Turnkey server using a live CD. The restoration process went fine and at the end I was able to see the /dev/mapper/turnkey-root: clean. Hence i reckon that the restoration was done without any issues however i noticed some unusual behaviour after the restoration.

1) When i login to the webshell using "https://ipaddress:12321" and clicking on "Users and Groups"       under system, a message is displayed as "No users were found on this system!. "

So does that mean that all the system users and the additional users which i created are lost? If yes, is there a way to restore this - atleast the system id's as I can create the ones which i created again


2) The Ajaxplorer package also seems to have gone bad or missing as during the boot time the server gives some messages as "Starting Web server: lighttpd2013-05-29 15:53:03: (configfile.c.1220) base-docroot doesn't exist: /var/www/ajaxplorer 

2013-05-29 15:53:03: (server.c.620) setting default values failed



And: "startpar: service(s) returned failure: lighttpd ... failed!"


I am not sure whether i need to reinstall Ajaxplorer or some other settings.

Request the experts on this to help me as I am not a linux expert.





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