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Hello Everyone,

I have been using the Wordress appliance for a few years with great success. I would now like to streamline my setup a bit. I currently lease a static IP from my ISP for each of my Wordpress sites and forward them to their respective appliance via a router. I would like to cut back on my IP leases to save some money. 

My Host is Linux Mint Debian running VirtualBox. I would like to have all websites point to the IP of the host and redirect to their respective applicance. Could I use the host file on the host computer to redirect to the appliances? I am just curious if anyone has done this and is it stable? I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. I prefer not to use a local DNS server like BIND unless I have to. I currently host about eight Wordpress sites if anyone needs to know.




P.S. Could I also use something like NO-IP in case I every change ISP's so I don't have to change registrar DNS records for each domain name if I do swap ISP's?


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