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I expect there are better ways to resolve billing issues rather than in a forum, but here goes...

July 1, through AWS - EC2, I purchased turnkey bronze service to run east cost on Virginia servers at .02 per hour. The purchase part worked just fine, However the deployment would not work at all. After three days of little progress I canceled the turnkey purchase for the AWS deployment for Virginia and deleted the Virginia service. Looked like it all happed.

I then purchased Turnkey Gold service through the TKL Linux hub. Everything worked fine and the TKL appliance and my application was up and running in less than 15 minutes. Everything worked flawless.

(1) August 2 my credit card is charged for the TKL appliance and AWS service in Virginia - this was the instance that never worked and I canceled the purchase, and requested a refund immediately. 

(2) Now I expect I will shortly see another set of charges hit my credit card for the working instance TKL bronze, deployed through the TKL Hub to West Coast California at .08/hour.

>>>>> What do I have to do to be certain that (1) is refunded and does not recur again?

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As they handle all the billing side of things. However it may also be useful to also speak with the TKL devs (they can make getting refunds easier for you...). Probably the easiest way to reach the devs is via the Hub Feedback (blue button on left hand side when logged into the Hub).

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