I'm just starting out with Git...  I have a little issue with branching:

I'm in branch master; I create a new branch; checkout new branch (called 'test'); I make changes and save them; I switch back to branch master; but changes I made in branch 'test' are still there... they do not get reverted....

i.e., following what's here,

if you look right underneath figure 3.8, where it says

That command [git checkout master] did two things. It moved the HEAD pointer back to point to the masterbranch, and it reverted the files in your working directory back to the snapshot that points to.
[emphasis mine]

but in my case when I switch back to branch master the changes I made in branch 'test' do not get reverted....  I look in the dir and the one file I added in branch 'test' is still there when I have switched to branch 'master'...

(I haven't commited, it's just a test branch, I don't want to commit....;-)  make sense?
(I haven't staged either.....)


thank you....


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