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I have downloaded and imported turnkey-revision-control-12.1-squeeze-amd64 with the hopes that I would be able to leverage some of the documentation around the internet on how to authenticate users with LDAP (Active Directory).  I have built and burnt a half dozen servers at this point and figured I would come to this collection of Guru's to see if  you can offer any assistance.  I am trying to accomplish three key things with this server deployment (and if that is too much for one post I am happy to break them out individually).

  1. Create a SVN server that will authenticate users from my current AD
  2. Create three replica SVN servers (local office, local data center (Dev), Production DataCenter) so my developers don't need to worry about bandwidth when they update a repo or down sync a repo.
  3. Migrate from an existing VisualSVN server repo

Essentially I need to accomplish each of these in order.

ANY assistance will be greatly appreciated, but step through instruction will get you much love from this guy! :P

Thank you in advance!



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