The TKL system has proved to be a real sham. The appliance that will save me "money and time" - Canvas – turns out to be a bug-ridden, obsolete, useless mess. This isn't what Canvas is, it's the defective "appliance" offered through TKL. Start with the fact that the selling point is supposed to be ease of use, I now find myself having to do what I would do if hosting the app myself. I seem to be gaining very little, except layers of obfuscation and a lack of control.

To point out one example: when I start a new server, the webmin and shell links are to the not-yet-active dns entry. So the links don't work and I have to figure out that that's the reason, and then use the temporary IP that will disappear if I restart the server. This does not count as ease-of-use.

So it appears that TKLDEV will allow me to build a new version of canvas from the latest git. This seems promising. But is there ANY documentation that indicates how this is to be done? Not in a place that I can find it, and judging by the squeaks of nerd joy coming out of the announcements about successive, massively under-documented versions of TKLDEV , I doubt it does exist.

If plowing through endless forum posts and putting together some notion of what all this does is the offering, how on earth is TKL improving anything from the point of view of their "it just runs" come on?

So – has anyone actually published a guide to getting (e.g.) canvas up and running from the git repo? I can seen that these sources are being regularly updated. But that does me no good if I don't know what I'm to do with them.

This isn't aimed at forum participants, apart from the principals of the company, who need to know that in a  world with Heroku in it, this is a woefully inadequate service as it stands.


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