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We have our file server up and running well. I have added a new share recently that only a handful of people can access. Everyone belongs to the primary group "red", including these select people, however these select people also belong to another group "blue.

The share has been setup to allow full access to the blue group only.

As a member of the blue group, I can connect to the fileserver and see the share, but when I try to save a file to that share I get permission denied. When I look at the "Connected Users" page on webmin I can see that the server is listing me as connected to that share, but the group I belong to only has the red group listed.  It looks like samba is not recognizing that I also belong to the blue group and giving me comensurate access.

Writable is turned on for the share.

Any ideas?

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It appears to work when I add the additional fields per the answer in this post:


Hope that helps.

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