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I'm trying to run 2 websites off one TKL Wordpress Appliance with one IP. I've setup a virtual host for each website but all the port 80 traffic is being routed to the first virtual host in the list. How can I specify "Name Based Virtual Host" in the TKL Wordpress Appliance?

Attached is a screenshot. Both websites are dev sites with unique names. I've setup A records for each domain in Windows DNS to point to the server's IP address:

dev.site1.com >>
dev.site2.com >>

Can someone help me figure out what I'm missing here? I'm a noob with TKL.

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Anyone? :/

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I don't recall how to use Wemin... IIRC TKL WP uses Apache2. As TKL is based on Debian google should be able to find you plenty of info on doing it manually. 

PS I assume that your second site isn't to be WordPress...? If it is then OOTB WP only supports either sub-domains or sub folders (i.e. site1.mysite.com & site2.mysite.com OR mysite.com/site1 & mysite.com/site2).

Theoretically it is possible to do what you are asking but unless you install a second version of WP (to it's own folder) it is tricky (I know because I've tried and struggled...)

So I can't be more explicit. I'm out of town and don't have any notes handy, nor any testing rig (nor anytime...)

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So after much fiddling I found that webmin wasn't writing the virtual hosts to the Apache2 httpd.conf file. I deleted the virtual hosts from webmin and manually added them into the httpd.conf file and voila, everything worked.

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