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I am doing a self study for my RedHat certification and i need a virtual machine which has LDAP configured in order for me to perform the excersises (configuring LDAP authentication and mount home folder)

Fortunately i came accross your image which so fine it works well however i do have some, provablyt lame questions to fireup:

1) Am i able to download the certificate from the LDAP server? In the authentication gui tool of RH EL6 you have the option to either chose ldaps:  or chose ldap with Certificate and when you choose the second option it will ask you where to downoad the certification from. 

2) Are the LDAP users must also excist on the system? For example, if i make a common user acound with the id1001 from the phpldapadmin interface, will i also have to create a user on the server?

3) Is it possible to mount home folders on the client machine?




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