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Sorry if this is a dumb question (I didn't find any reference to this in the forum)...

Since recently I'm getting a warning from Java stating "File Manager" will stop working in future version because it's not signed. That really makes sense but is there a way to get a signed version somewhere? or is there any alternative file manager available (not JNLP-based)?



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Firstly, according to Jamie Cameron (the dev of Webmin - see here) they will be releasing a version with a cert signed by a CA (which will resolve this issue). But unless you take matters into your own hands, I'm not sure when this update will make it into TKL (once it has been released).

As also mentioned (in the maillist thread that I linked to above) Java can be adjusted (i.e. by relaxing security) to work around this. Not ideal but one way to get around it...

Another option is to use an SFTP/SCP client (e.g. Filezilla, WinSCP, etc) to manage your server's filesystem.

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All this makes sense, I think just adding all my TKL servers in a whitelist will do it...


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