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Dear All,

Searching in the history I found some old answers to this question and it seems that they don't apply anymore. My situation is the following:

1. Amazom AWS free tier

2.  EC2 instance - Micro EBS-backed - 0.6 GB RAM, Variable ECU, 10G rootfs

From the administration page of the hub ( I can see 

1 day, 2 hours / $0.54 this month 

but on the billing page of amazon everything is still zero.

Moreover, I add that I didn't choose any plan when I started to configure the hub.


My questions are:

1. Am I really going to pay something to Turnkey Hub? If yes, I didn't insert any credit card information, how are they going to take money?

2. If yes to the first question, did I configure something wrong? Is there a possibility to have HUB +  AWS free for one year?

3. If no to the second question, I have seen on the collection of AMIs on amazon website that there are a lot of turnkey linux but not the LXC version. Do you have any suggestions for installating LXC without the hub on amazon?

Thank you very much for the fantastic service. I am trying to understand as much as possible before to start to use it seriously for working. 

Kind regards,



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The Hub should support free tier so I'm not sure why the Hub is reporting a cost. Although I'm not sure whether the Hub retrieves the cost data from Amazon or calculates it itself.

As for not choosing a Hub plan, I'm not clear on how it all works, but I understand that you can run one Micro server without attracting any Hub fees. Perhaps that's why you didn't need to select a plan?

The more specific (sort of) answers to your questions:

  1. As I've said above, the Hub should support the Free Tier and you should be able to run a single Micro instance without attracting any Hub fees, so from my understanding you shouldn't get charged (but please don't hold me to that)... As for how the charging works, I assume that you have provided AWS with your credit card details? If so then TKL Hub uses Amazon DevPay to bill you (i.e. it charges your credit card via the Amazon payment system - you need to agree to that when you connect your Hub account to your Amazon account).
  2. Sorry but I'm not 100% sure. AFAIK yes it is possible.
  3. The LXC appliance is from the v13.0 release (in fact was sometime after the initial v13 release). From what I can see only the v12.1 appliances are available via the Amazon Marketplace. I'm not sure why the v13.0 appliances are still not yet available there but until they are I have no idea how you would be able to do it without using the Hub.

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