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I'm trying to get a test install of ProjectPier up and running for our company to test.  I found some bugs in the available ProjectPier VM that should have been fixed in the latest version 0.8.8.  The file /var/www/projectpier/version.php reports the version is 0.8.6, however this site lists the included version as 0.8.8.  What version of projectpier do you ship with?

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If you have a look at the TKL ProjectPier appliance changelog you can see that the version was updated to v0.8.8 in TKL v12.1 and wasn't updated again for v13.0.

When you mention bugs, what are they...? Are they TurnKey related or ProjectPier related? I.e. would they be fixed with a version update or does work need to be done to the appliance or both...?

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This is the bug I'm encountering now:

Currently any milestones that are given a due date are shown on the calendar, except where the due date is the last day of a month e.g. 30th April, 31st May, 30th June.
Last day milestones do not appear in the calendar.

Perhaps the bug was never fixed and still exists in 0.8.8, but I was unable to confirm that the projectpier version is 0.8.8 because version.php file reports 0.8.6 but the readme.txt says it's 0.8.8.  The version.php file states:

* This file contains the version of source code distribution. It does not always means the
* version installed, just the version of the code. For instance, when you update the files
* but you don't run the upgrade script - you are still using the old version with new files
* ant that means that you are not actualy using new version. You'll most probably end up with
* a lot of problems and errors in that situation; they will be gone as soon as your run the
* upgrade script.

This is why I'm wondering if projectpier was updated to version 0.8.8 properly.

Thanks for your help.



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No worries on the help, but I am unsure on where that version file comes from... If you look at lines 11-14 of the TKL appliance build code you can see that for v13.0 it clearly downloads "" which one would assume is v0.8.8 of ProjectPier...! Without downloading and double-checking my suspicion is that they (i.e. ProjectPier devs) forgot to update the version.php

And according to the bug you link to, despite the comments; by my reading it is still open (i.e. not fixed...).

However, I have discovered that there are 2 service packs to be applied to ProjectPier 0.8.8 - scroll all the way to the bottom of this page. Unfortunately nowhere mentions that particular bug so I am unsure on whether it is resolved in any release anywhere...!?

Addendum to clarify: In building the TKL ProjectPier appliance, ProjectPier v0.8.8 ( is downloaded and installed. The appliance was not updated from 0.8.6 to 0.8.8. So the (old?) version.php either was accidentally not updated by upstream when they packaged v0.8.8; or it (possibly) may have been included if you used a previous version of TKL ProjectPier and used TKLBAM to migrate to a newer instance (not sure on that, guessing really...)

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