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Anybody please share documentation on how to use ProcessMaker cloud Service.

I could see ProcessMaker is offered as aservice in Amazon Cloud.(Below is the link and screenshot)


Request to please share documentation on how to use this service.


Thanks in Advance


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Hi Bhargava,

You didn't say what part you were having trouble with so I can only take a wild guess.

If you need help using ProcessMaker itself, I recommend you check out the documentation on the ProcessMaker website.



If you need help with the integration itself, I recommend exploring it in a VM (e.g., VMWare/VirtualBox) to get a feel for the app. It's pretty much the same as on AWS MP though.

Cheers, Liraz

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We just integrate it with an OS so it can be provided as a ready to go software appliance. As such we don't have a ton of knowledge or experience with the software (just installation and initial config).

If you want more detailed info about using ProcessMaker then I suggest that you follow the links provided by Liraz (above). If you have specific issues or basic OS usage questions (i.e. TurnKey specific) then we can help there; OTOH if you have specific ProcessMaker questions then they are probably better answered by the ProcessMaker community themselves (e.g. on their forum).

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The TurnKey ProcessMaker appliance is the complete ProcessMaker - Open Source Edition pre-installed (with all dependencies) on TurnKey Core (a minimalist but customised Debian OS). If you want to use it in the cloud then I recommend launching it via the Hub, but like Liraz said if you want to get a bit familiar with it and take it for a 'test drive' first then download the ISO or VMDK and run it in a VM (e.g. VirtualBox). And if you get off to a good start and want to transfer your data to a cloud instance you can do that with (the included) TKLBAM software.

I suggest that you have a bit of a play with it and see how you go... Then if you have some more specific questions then please feel free to ask.

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